"Sadly, a leaf on the wind—I just thought about this the other day—a leaf on the wind is dead. A leaf, if it’s not on the tree…"

Alan Tudyk, on Wash’s death scene in “Serenity”


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Sorry for all the sudden reblogs. Being out of town for four days means a lot of catching up.

@phoebejtonkin: Wife for life @iheartcarlsjr #comiccon #fayana

@phoebejtonkin: Wife for life @iheartcarlsjr #comiccon #fayana


Thor making a series of vines where he hands the other Avengers mjolnir casually like ‘hold this’ when they’re not paying attention and obviously they fall over and it’s hilarious

and he tries to do it to Steve and he’s like ‘hold this, Steve’ and without looking up from his paper Steve’s like ‘sure’ and takes it off if him, he just calmly holds it and continues to read

The rest of the vine is just Thor’s stunned and impressed expression